Engineering you can trust! Stairlifts, Home Lifts and Platform Lifts:

thyssenkrupp is a global leader in mobility and Home Solutions, helping individuals retain their independence and enabling them to enjoy the home they love. With over 60 years' experience, we provide unmatched safety and comfort via our stairlifts, home lifts and platform lifts.

At thyssenkrupp, we understand deeply your desire to move freely around your home, regardless of how many levels your home is spread across. Safety and comfort are what we do best, relentlessly innovating to ensure that our customised solutions deliver on your needs, no matter how demanding. We provide engineering you can trust!

For your home: Whether it’s a home lift or a mobility solution for your stairs with our award-winning stairlifts, we have it all.

For your business: Are the stairs in your business limiting access to customers with accessibility needs? Unleash the full potential of your business by enabling access to a wider audience via our customised and award-winning stairlifts and platform lifts.

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It’s all about YOU!

Not everyone can do a stairlift as we do. We pride ourselves in taking the time and effort to thoroughly understand YOUR needs. It is YOU that drives our design. All the way from faultless engineering to give you the safest ride, to customised rails manufactured just for you, ensuring unparalleled comfort and the smoothest ride, to customisable seats and colours that make the stairlift uniquely yours.

It's all about YOU!

Our commitment

Our commitment is to YOU, the customer

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with local engineers at the ready. We guarantee you the highest level of customer service, from the moment you call us and every step of the way after that.

Our experts will guide you through the entire process, from gaining a quote, arranging home visits for stairlift customisation, installation, as well as the service and maintenance post-installation that ensure we can maintain the best safety and comfort for you. Full warranties come as standard, and you can even choose to extend these.

At European level we support the European Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility, which now brings together over 230 enterprises and organisations from all parts of Europe.

The Alliance was launched by the European Union Commission in 2006 to promote corporate social responsibility.

thyssenkrupp considers environmental and climate protection and the responsible use of energy and resources as important corporate objectives. The thyssenkrupp Group's environmental and energy management system and operational environmental protection at the Group Companies are subject to continuous improvement with the aim of minimizing environmental impact, conserving energy and resources and protecting the diversity of our natural habitat in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way. When developing new products and services as well as in our operating processes we ensure that all resultant environmental impacts and the use of energy and natural resources are kept to a minimum. A key factor is the continuous development of measures to improve the local environmental protection by our Group Companies – in particular in the areas of waste management and recycling, air pollution prevention, noise prevention, energy efficiency, climate protection and the protection of soil, water and nature. For the implementation we have set up a group-wide environmental and energy management and a binding environmental and energy policy.

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