A smooth ride

Whether you’re going up or down, you’ll always experience a very smooth and safe ride with the Flow2 stairlift.

Thanks to our proven monorail concept and patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) Technology the chair and footrest rotate to the optimal and safest position during the ride.

This saves you time and allows the Flow2 to easily handle the tightest and steepest staircases, while you sit comfortably on your stairlift. This enables you to get off safely as the chair is already in the right place upon arrival.

thyssenkrupp is the only stairlift manufacturer on the market that offers ASL Technology.

With the ergonomically positioned footrest you’ll experience less knee flexion, adding an extra comfort to your journey. When not in use the Flow2 occupies only a small part of the stairs, so your loved ones can easily walk up or down without being obstructed in the corridor or hallway.

Find out more about thyssenkrupp stairlifts here.

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