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Private elevators for barrier-free living comfort

Home Lifts

Our elegant homelifts increase the comfort and quality of life at each residence. Our private elevators set industry-wide standards, whether individually adapted for private households or standardized for housing projects. They can be easily integrated into existing or new apartments with or without an elevator shaft. In addition, they are available in various sizes, for outdoor or indoor use and with an unbeatable range of cabin elements and materials.

Discover thyssenkrupp homelifts in our product video:

Performance in style.

thyssenkrupp homelifts offer a unique and elegant combination of German engineering and Italian design. With the precision engineering of an industry-leading elevator company, you can count on our homelifts to provide a safe, high-quality and customized solution for your home.

thyssenkrupp homelift H100

We use the available space efficiently and versatile. The optimized homelift H100 requires only a floor recess of 50 mm and a height of only 2,430 mm. This allows installation in small spaces, without restricting the space in the cabin or the size of the doors.

thyssenkrupp homelift H300

The homelift H300 uses the best available technology for private elevators, providing a durable solution that is extremely energy efficient and almost silent. Enjoy the efficient technology of a world-class elevator company and the great variety of design options.

Performance in Style

thyssenkrupp home lifts offer a unique and elegant combination of German engineering and Italian design. With the precision engineering of an industry-leading elevator company, you can count on our home lifts to provide a safe, high quality and customised solutions for your home.

Safe and Comfortable Domestic lifts

We understand the essence of having good quality home lifts installed for all our clients. But we don’t let that overrule the need to integrate safety and comfort in our products. We have a team of expert designers, manufacturers and installers that convert our years of world-class engineering into a safe and customised solution for your home.

We have a no-middle men policy. You deal without experts every step of the way for the best experience and service. With our full range of customised home solutions, you are assured of finding a solution that works best for your home and meets your needs.

World Class Home Lifts Delivered to You at the Comfort of Your Home

For the most part, finding a good home lift can involve a lot of moving around. At thyssenkrupp Home Solutions we provide you with a comprehensive service and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

Once you get in touch with us, our team of expert engineers and designers will come to your home where all the details and consultations will be discussed. We design, manufacture and install the home lift.

Refined, Experienced and Customised

We have installed over 130,000 units with years of experience in the industry. Our products are designed to be functional with meticulous attention paid to the details to make sure they are products that you will also love.

We take great care in designing our stairlifts. With our 3D Simulator, we give you first-hand access into how the new home lift will look, work and function before we even create it. This way, if there are any changes you would like to make, we can easily and quickly make them.

Get in Touch for a Consultation Today!

All you have to do is give us a call. We will have our team come to your home for the consultation at no extra cost. During the consultation, we will assess all the possible obstructions and challenges in your home and take measurements.

Our goal is to give you a home lift that caters to your needs and makes it as easy as possible for you to move around the house without assistance. We also take great care to provide you with a product you love which is why we involve you in the design process.

As well our homelifts we also offer a range of bespoke stairlifts and wheelchair lifts installed by trained engineers.