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Stairlift repairs

Stairlifts play an important role in your business and in your house. Having them run smoothly and efficiently is essential. Like any other piece of machinery with multiple parts, your stairlift might breakdown once in a while. If this happens, you need a reliable and reputable stairlift repairs company that will get the equipment working properly again in the shortest time possible, thyssenkrupp Home Solutions can help.

We have are highly experienced designing and manufacturing stairlifts, not only that, we have been offering stairlift repairs and maintenance services. With our help, we can get your stairlift working and looking as good as new.

Regular servicing by certified engineers

One way to get your stairlift functioning longer without breaking down is by having it regularly serviced by qualified engineers.

At thyssenkrupp Home Solutions, we have experienced engineers who are certified to carry out these checks. With our help, we can help you keep the service and maintenance of your stairlift up to date.

Our engineers are qualified to work with various types of stairlifts, which include straight and curved stairlifts. They are well trained and experienced and can work on most types and brands of stairlifts.

Offering stairlift servicing across the UK

Being a reliable maintenance and service provider for stairlifts requires proper preparation. We not only have plenty of well-trained and experienced engineers but, we have also stocked thousands of parts and components in our warehouses and we are ready for virtually any situation and maintenance that might be required.

We have been offering maintenance services for stairlifts in the UK for a number of years. We understand how important stairlifts are and so we make sure our technicians attend to you in record time to restore your stairlift to full working order.

We recommend the maintenance of your stairlift be done once every 12 months to ensure it functions properly and any worn-out parts are replaced before they can damage the system.

Excellent 24/7 Customer support

You can never tell when your stairlift is going to fail. Having a reliable team that you can call at any time of the day or night goes a long way to reduce your worry and guarantee that you will have the stairlift functioning in no time.

At thyssenkrupp, our team of engineers is available round the clock. Our customer support team can be reached at any time and we can respond to any emergencies immediately. We put great value in being able to provide you with an excellent and timely stairlift repair service.

With thousands of successful installations, we have always excelled at providing excellent customer support. Our unrivalled stairlift repair services mean that you not only enjoy repairs from another repair service but from one of the most reputable German engineering company in the world. With us you are assured of the best quality and results.

Skilled and experienced engineers on call

No one is better suited to keep your stairlift working than us. With over 60 years of experience in engineering and design and one of the most reputable names in mobility solutions thyssenkrupp Home Solutions is well equipped with tools and human resource to tackle any challenges that your stairlift might be facing.

Whether your stairlift has broken down, requires maintenance or some simple trouble-shooting, our team of skilled engineers is at hand to promptly assist you.

Record turn-around

Your stairlift shouldn’t stay grounded longer than is necessary. We know the crucial role it plays in your life and our teams work round the clock to iron out any issues plaguing your stairlift in the shortest time possible.

As well stairlift repairs we also offer a range of stairlifts and domestic lifts installed by trained engineers.