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Stairlifts for Narrow Stairs

Stairlift options available

Downward facing stairlifts

Our downward facing stairlifts are designed to help avoid clash points when going up or down the stairs. This space-saving design is ideal for older clients who might find the standing stairlift cumbersome to use.

With the downward facing stairlift, clients can still choose the upholstery they prefer for their stairlift as well as the customised railing of their choice as they would with the conventional stairlifts.

Narrow stairlifts for curved and inclined staircases

In addition to our customised range of seated stairlifts, we also have customised stairlifts for narrow curved, and inclined stairs.

Our bespoke stairlifts for narrow curved staircases are made to measure and come with different features to match the limitations in your home. We have tailored stairlifts with a customised track that can be lifted up at the top or bottom of the stairs to clear the way for other people to easily use the staircase without obstruction.

With our innovations, our clients are assured of finding a reliable, comfortable and state of the art stairlift for narrow stairs that can satisfy their needs and help them enjoy freedom and independence in their home.

Standing stairlifts

For clients with narrow stairs and have a problem bending their knees, the standing stairlifts is the perfect choice. Other than being friendly to users with limited mobility around their knees and hip joints, these stairlifts have a minimal width requirement to install the stairlift in a narrow staircase safely. That allows the stairlift to be installed without taking up space on the staircase.

Because we value the comfort and safety of our clients, the customised standing stairlift for narrow stairs is designed to help you regain independence in your home safely and comfortably. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of standing or perching stairlifts.

As well our stairlifts for narrow stairs we also offer a range of curved stairlifts and straight stairlifts installed by trained engineers.