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Flow2 from thyssenrkupp Home Solutions

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The Flow2

The Flow2 is an award-winning engineering marvel that ensures our stairlifts are able to operate on the tightest of staircases, where others cannot fit.

With thanks to our patented ASL technology, the Flow2 ensures gives you the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible.

Our unparalleled level of customisation for both your rail and your seat give you the freedom to make your stairlift and rail a standout feature, or as discreet as you want.

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What is our patented ASL Technology?

ASL Technology

ASL proves to be an ideal solution for taller people, those with weak joints or narrow and complicated staircases.

thyssenkrupp engineers developed the patented ASL technology to enable all components to operate in one fluid motion. No stopping, stuttering, readjusting and restarting. The Flow2 footrest swivels with the seat, even in the tightest of staircases. This enables your feet, legs and waist to remain in a natural position throughout the journey, ensuring maximum comfort and safety. Engineering you can trust!

Compact, Discreet and Unobtrusive

Flow2 rail remains close to wall

The Flow2 has a single discreet rail that closely follows the line of your stairs and can fitted on either side of your staircase.

The Flow2 uses a single unobtrusive rail system with a diameter of just 80mm. This allows the rail to be installed very low and close to the wall, minimising space wastage. Also, unlike others, the Flow2 gives you the freedom to install on either side of the staircase, allowing multiple floor installations without any obstructions.

When not in use, the Flow2 can be folded away, freeing up maximum space for other staircase users.

Customised and engineered for YOU!

Flow2 comes in a range of colours

Choose from a range of fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery

The customised ASL rail and the height adjustable seat ensure you get the best of thyssenkrupp engineering expertise for unparalleled safety and comfort. But it doesn't end there!

You can choose from a range of colours and materials for both the rail and the seat covering. Want your rail and seat to have your signature look? No problem! Want it to be discreet and blend into the

Safety and Comfort

Flow2 seatbelt

As standard the Flow2 stairlift comes with a retractable seat belt

The Flow2 gives you unparalleled safety and comfort; a combination other seats cannot match. All this with the 60 years of engineering and innovation expertise of thyssenkrupp behind our products.

Don't just take our word for it. Our external awards and strict certification to machine directive 2006/42/EG and BS EN 81-40 confirm this. Some of our standout features are:

  • Battery powered, to enable use even during a power cut.
  • ‘Obstruction-stop' equipped, ensuring that the stairlift will come to an immediate stop upon encountering an obstruction.
  • Height adjustable, ensuring getting on and off is as easy as possible.
  • Standard retractable seat belt for additional safety.
  • Choice of straight or wrap-around armrests to cater to individual needs of safety and comfort.

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